JAMB Subject Combination For Mass Communication 2021/2022 Masscom – waec and neco updated

JAMB Subject Combination For Mass Communication 2021/2022 Masscom – waec and neco updated


Jamb subject combination for mass communication 2021/2022- WAEC /NECO

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Mass communication is an interesting subject that attracts thousands of jamb candidates each year.

In fact mass communication is one of the most competitive course when it comes to the number of applicants that choose mass communication as their most preferred institution.

What is mass communication?

Mass communication can simply be defined as the careful study of the of information flows between a ground of individuals through the use of mass media.
Any means where by information is passed across a large crowd of people through use of either the radio, television, Internet.

What can you do with a degree in mass communication?

What are the opportunities for someone that studied mass communication. The sole aim of everyone that is studying mass communication is to either get employed or create jobs in the media industry.

So after Getting your 2.0 from the University or polytechnic and you are now through with NYSC what next?

There are so many opportunities that abound in both the private and public sector with anyone that studied mass communication.

And they are as follows :

  • Media planner.
  • Multimedia specialist.
  • Programme researcher, broadcasting/film/video.
  • Public relations officer.
  • Runner, broadcasting/film/video.
  • Social media manager.
  • Television/film/video producer.
  • Web content manager.

What are the subject required for mass communication?

For you to study mass communication in any university, polytechnic or any Tertiary institution you need to fulfill the laid down requirements set by the institution.

The core subject required for mass communication are as follows:

  1. Use of English language
  2. Literature in English
  3. Any social sciences subject.

jamb subject combination for mass communication 2021/2022

What makes me love mass communication is that it remains the few subjects that don’t necessarily demand for mathematics.

So if you have D or F in mathematics in either WAEC or NECO you won’t be prevented from studying mass communication.
During your Jamb registration, this are the important subject you should include :

  1. Use of English language
  2. Government/CRS/IRS
  3. Literature in English
  4. Economics or commerce

English remains a must for all jamb candidates.

subject combination for mass communication in waec neco gce /o level subjects required for mass communication 2021/2022

Waec syllabus

Mass communication falls under social sciences, so you should identify those social sciences subjects that you are good in

If you want to study mass communication and you are about to take your O level results then this are the subjects that you can consider and take serious in your studies.

  1. Mathematics
  2. English language
  3. Literature in English
  4. Government
  5. Commerce
  6. CRS/IRS
  7. Biology science
  8. Agricultural science
  9. Economics

Direct entry subject combination for mass communication 2021/2022

If you fall under this category then you should consider this subject which is necessary for most universities.

  • Two (2) ‘A’ level passes in Literature in English Economics or Government.

List of universities that offers mass communication in Nigeria

Although almost all universities in Nigeria offers mass communication, I will advise you to cross check if the school you want to chose as your preferred institution in jamb still holds their accreditation.

Year in year out schools that where once accredited by NUC LOSE their accreditation.

This means that graduates can’t go for service until their accreditation is restored.

  • AAUA

Do your due diligence while choosing the University or polytechnic you want.

Hope this information is clear and helpful to you?
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JAMB Subject Combination For Mass Communication 2021/2022 Masscom – waec and neco updated


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