Think outside the box

think outside the box

It is so much fun to learn new things. It puts forward an opportunity to widen one’s horizon of knowledge: it is as exciting as it is demanding. There is an increased pressure on the brain cells as one tries to decipher and comprehend what is being taught or learned. If it is done easily the mind is cleared of worries and doubts so presented by the questions that arise, and the heart filled with contentment creates an atmosphere of pride and self fulfilment within oneself.
If the case is contrary, then the mind is set in turmoil. The student struggles as hard as he can to find possible solutions, scrambling his brains out. A battlefield is thus set up in the mind, and he resolves to try using this approach or the other, and yet another until something works out.
Two conclusions can only exist, one of which is to do a detailed research and continue trying till it yields results, and the other is to just give up, and let go. A number of people prefer the giving up part, after all, why bother much?
Truth be told, the fewer number that decide to go the extra mile, finding results at all cost are the real learners.
Learning goes way beyond swallowing only that which was taught, as it demands a lot more from the students since information is always subject to change and modifications. What existed years ago can be tested and proven false today, so as students we need to always learn to think outside the box, and outside what we have learned in the classrooms.
This does not mean that every law or rule by professionals should be questioned or doubted: I mean there should be room for students to make a show of their creativity, exercising their young minds and brains, whilst pondering deeply on the laws that existed before them, instead of only taking them down in a bid to cram their ways out to pass their exams.

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