She said, “hey! Socrates! We’re no more living in the 18th, 19th or 20th century, that I still have to behave like one of those individuals in those centuries. Right now, I’ve changed my mode of thinking and it depends on how you wanna view it, meanwhile,the manner in which I live, is none of your fucking business. Grow up Socrates Jr”.

It has been 2 months, since I last heard from Pauline. Pauline is a young and beautiful lady of eighteen(18), a bit tall and of course with a good posture.

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My problem started with Pauline, when I complained about her gallivanting and ludicrous lifestyle. Her pattern of dressing changed in the twinkle of the eye lid. And when I spoke to her about it, she retorted with the above statement. Pauline, now says I’m too old fashioned and should have been born in the late 18th century, because of what she referred to as my “too formal lifestyle”, and that’s it.

Many teenagers have been blinded by the practices of this century. And so, what was referred to as something bad, is now publicly accepted by the teenagers. Are we actually going above or below societal morals or standards?

Based on this discourse, I’ll discuss on this salient issues.
1. Dressing
2. Lifestyle
3. Cultism
4. Lust

The style of dressing has greatly changed in this century, especially that of the female teens. I heard a lady speaking to her friend, saying, “You have to dress in a sexy and skimpy way, in order to attract them. Because, if you dress like holy Mary, you’ll chase after yourself”.
Their main purpose of dressing now, is to seduce men. They wanna be the talk on the street and that their names should be on the lips of every man. Well, is that the purpose of dressing?
I’m not asking you to dress like an 18th or 20th century individual but to be well coordinated in your manner of dressing. Every young female teen, want to put on tight fittings, including those in the Church. Are you showing your ass or breasts to the world? in other to be famous? Is this the sole aim of what you call FASHION?

The growth of moral decadence is on the increase. The style or the manner of living, has been transformed dramatically by the inappropriate mentality of technological gadgets. Respect for the elderly? That has been buried 6ft down below. It’s as though the manner of the youth has been affected by Pseudoanaphylaxis and maybe they’re now allergic to positive morals.
Teen's falls

“We won’t hurt you but we’ll protect you and make you influential on campus, and in the Society”, so they say.
Cultism has affected the minds of the teenagers greatly and I’ll urge on the government and individual Families, to do something fast to eradicate this evil rampaging the world of the teens. My friend, there’s no gain in joining the Occult. They give and they take back, including the life that they never gave to you.
Teen's falls

Sexual lust is on the increase among the youths. This is evident in the cases of rape world wide. It is only when the mentality of this teenagers has been transformed, then, lust will clear out of the way. WE NEED A NEW MENTALITY ON HOW WE VIEW MORALITY AND SOCIETAL NORMS.
Teen's falls

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from one of our very talented guest writers
©Socrates Jr

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