It always starts like this
Still blind, living in a cocoon of bliss
Star-struck, imperfections glossed over
Like a bottle addict refusing to stay sober

It seems like a lifetime ago
When everything felt just right
When the stars seemed twice as bright
Who knew love could come without a fight

Then the cracks came, slowly but surely
Like wrinkles on an ageing skin
This love became harder to share
And our patience were wearing thin

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I guess we forgot about the scars
Scars that grew as we fought from afar
Scars that came when our feelings were amputated
And their bloody appendages left to rot, as fated

Sometimes the donkey becomes wise
And begins to resent being taken for granted
And flees before the last straw breaks its back
Because it knows that then, it must die

You see, two failed to become one
Feelings turned to ashes, cakes ground to dust
Though I’ll forever miss what we’ve lost
As I delete your contact, I know we’re done.

from one of our very best poets Nnayielugo

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