For my country, my pen writes today
Scribbling thoughts my lips refuse to say
Karma unincurred, for which we are forced to pay
Where we made our beds, unfortunately we could not lay

Our average youth is marred by daily struggle
Dreaming up a future his peasant mind cannot assemble
His life forever tainted with the promise of failed hopes
Falling into oblivion below because no one taught him the ropes

Only now do we consciously begin to ponder
Seeing that our own weight stubbornly kept us under
Toiling at complex intricacies of simple things
Certain failure confirming our status as mortal beings

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Our present existence an explosion of horror
Daily episodes of chaos and arms highlighting our terror
Peace and happiness forever reduced to faceless myths
Death Omni-present, clouding our vision with its filth

The best things they say, are truly free
But we in our squalor cannot afford the fee
Our problems constantly outnumbering a beach’s sand
As the fates amputate our ailing motherland.

From one of our very best poets Nnayelugo

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