Stop child abuse

child abuse

Hello people,
I sincerely didn’t want to write this, but my hands can like to pen things down whether my head wants it or not. Its amebo sha o, but I think it is good info. for our mothers and young women.
I was at a clinic with my little cousin who was unwell, when this mata just surfaced. The summary of which is that a man, sorry I no talk am well, I mean a father of six impregnated a girl of thirteen who was almost like a maid in his home.
The man’s irresponsibility was then clearly shown when he could not foot the young girl’s hospital bills. The nurse on duty obviously, was trying to keep her calm, because the story was sincerely pathetic.
And then all of a sudden, from the blues oh, one thin, dark, woman rushed in, she claimed to be the man’s wife; everyone expected her to really frown at her husband’s act, instead this woman pitched fits.
She was clearly screaming the building down, she kept calling the young girl names, I mean an ‘ashawoo’, and a husband snatcher. Worse, she also stated that her husband lacked the funds and was not going to bring shhii-shhii ( in her words) for the young girl’s bills, after all he had other pressing issues, that were to her more important than the girl’s issues.
I think her words got to the other people in the clinic at this point, and then they began to air their views. A few blamed the girl, others blamed the man, but a larger number complained about the wife’s misconduct.
Sitting there, with a number of things in my head, I imagined the girl with her mother, maybe things would have been different and she would not have been a victim of what I term child abuse. I asked myself repeatedly, was she forced? Did she at any point of the harassment search for a confidant? Was it fear? I then imagined the nature of thoughts that ran through the girl’s mind at the time and how really helpless she looked on the chair as the matter was publicly addressed. I thought also of how irresponsible some of our young men, and even fathers have become, and worse more, how some women who are mothers too (like this man’s wife) had decided to manage the issue.
Holding my niece closely, I left for home.

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