The oxford dictionary defines the word “content” as ‘being satisfied about a particular circumstance; thus in a state of satisfaction’. Now, nothing beats being a content young woman in this present generation full of misleading vice. Even the holy book attests to it in 1Timothy 6:6, “but godliness with contentment is great gain”.
The heart void of contentment is subject to negative influences, and thus can be easily swayed.
This is probably the reason we have a good percentage of our young women in real bad situations, and then some are tempted to end their lives because of the mess they feel it’s become.

There’s obviously no woman who’s not interested in looking good, being in the best and most expensive clothing and shoes, matched with an expensive bag, or housed in an apartment. Oops! Did I just say apartment? My bad, we girls no want apartment again oh! I mean a mansion, well lit up and fully air conditioned somewhere in banana island and them co, you know na *winks*; with almost anything we can think of served at our behest. These interestingly and other luxury life offers are important, but it applies strictly to those who can afford it, or those who have people who can afford it without asking for anything at all in return.
Sisters, all fingers are not equal, so there’s liberty for one to be dressed in a wear that’s not so expensive or housed in a building not so big, all of which depends on the size of the pocket the money is sourced from. Wait oh! I didn’t say we should not be fashion conscious or dress attractively, or long for high tastes: all I am saying is that you can be dressed attractively based on your own pocket. You must not be in Anita’s kind of wears or spend the way she does {when Anita is the daughter of a business mogul, and you are not} and then allow the seeds of rivalry and competition that’s totally uncalled for grow in your heart overtime.
In Da Vinci’s words, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. Abeg, be yourself; you are your own trademark.
And then, some of us are interested in riding shotgun in very expensive cars, even when the car-owner is married; how do we then plan to hold our men when we eventually have our own homes from doing same. Karma is a bitch, be warned!

Economists clearly differentiate between wants and needs; economic wants are defined as desires that can be satisfied by consuming a good, service or commodity, but there’s a clause to the definition which states that ‘because resources are limited, people cannot have all the goods and services they want; as a result, they must choose some things and give up others. This simply backs up prioritization, which means assigning priorities to the things of life. What and what do I want? Which is more important?
Discontentment is prolly the force driving theft, prostitution (and in the common language, runz), sleeping to get our ways through well defined protocols, and most social wrongs. Ideally, it doesn’t take people very far as it only satisfies the present and most times may have unrepairable consequences.

Our women now believe strongly, in using what we have to get what we want. I still have problems understanding this theory. I think it’s selfish and explains how high we’ve placed vague things over those that really matter.
Forgive me sha, but I haf to do small amebo; stories of our young women having their sex tapes leaked and other obscene videos are rampant on net, and then other stories and videos of things these creatures are forced to do in the name of money. Young women in higher institutions (it’s even beginning to happen in the lower ones) get to sleep with those in charge to get past the set standards. And then, the lewd videos will find themselves on the net for the world to see. I am almost certain (I stand corrected) that most of these stories and videos wouldn’t be, if we were always at the right places at the right time.

To put an end to this, it’s important to break free from wanting too much than you can have, by cutting our coats according to our cloths, peer pressure influence, and other pollutant sources that have proved without doubt the causes of discontentment. It’s a step at time, but it’s definitely possible.

I hope we are on the same wavelength???

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