To the great nation of Nigeria,
on this day you turned fifty six.
Fifty five years ago, it was the British era;
but after so many years, we are now free.

How grateful we are to the men that stood up against the British. Their bravery will forever be remembered in the nation’s history. Under the rule of the British, so many Nigerians did perish;
but today we can’t do much but talk about the historic victory.

Today, we can do what we love to do,
we can say what we want to say,
we can elect whom we want, to rule;
and everyday, it’s like a brand new day.

A nation highly blessed with natural resources.
Almost misled by the British who wanted riches.
made to fight against ourselves by the colonial masters;
but by his grace, we were able evade an impending disaster

A nation too strong to be divided by the world
was blessed and brought together as one by God
uniting the different tribes both home and abroad
and wishes that we move forward and not backwards

On this day that we are celebrating our freedom,
we should always remember the victims of martyrdom.
The men who died fighting for our country’s freedom.
We are thankful to them for their bravery and wisdom

This is not the time to talk about the nation’s problem
but this is the time that we celebrate our nation
the time when we should proudly showcase our emblem
This is the moment of jubilation and celebration

May God bless the great nation of Nigeria;
in this country, may he always have his way,
because if he’s in charge we would be in euphoria.
To my Nation Nigeria, Happy Independence day.

By Alex Okeke

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