Burning midnight candles…


Afternoon beautiful people,
Ever came across the idiom ‘burning the midnight oil, or candle’?
It means staying up, mostly at night working; completing necessary tasks and it strongly supports Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s quote;
The heights, at which great men reached and kept, were not attained at sudden flights, but they whilst their companions slept, were toiling at night.
Thus simply put, burning one’s midnight oil is prerequisite for great achievers.
But the problem here is that we no longer use candles or lanterns, people use rechargeable lamps, or inverters, and power generating plants. So, how will we now burn the candles na? Another thing sef, if I even buy candles, light them up, and then go to sleep; would it be the same thing or would i achieve the same results? After all, I had the candles burnt at night. Lol!

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