Hello beautiful people,
Today, I have a message to share from a mother, a wife, and most importantly, a woman.

I have had my fair share of experiences as a young woman, as a wife, a mother, and as a granny; and I thought to let interested young women in on the things I feel they should be informed of.

First, life is not a bed of roses.
Life is tough, and young girls need to be awakened from the illusion of a very easy life, where you can have all you want without putting in the necessary efforts; which is far from reality. So, tread with caution.

Next, ‘be wise as the serpent’.
As a young woman, it is important to know your worth, and what you want your life to become. Always set your priorities straight and adhere strictly to it by refusing to allow yourself to be influenced negatively by peers or society.

Also, young girls need to look before leaping into marriage.
Young women need to know their spouse-to-be thoroughly, before taking those vows. Do not be carried away by looks, money, and fame or by the image of a fantastic wedding ceremony, when the real deal is in making the marriage work.

In marriage too, be a working wife, and mother, because it doesn’t pay to sit idle at home. Moreover, an idle man is the devil’s workshop; so try and be a source of support to your husband and home, no matter how little.

Most importantly, as a young woman, you need to know your God.

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